What’s a design concept?

A design concept is our interpretation of your vision. We will design and develop an actual website according to your specifications. You will experience the look and functionality of your future website and be allowed to test and explore the site on your own. If you are happy with the concept and approve the design, we will begin to transfer and add content to your domain.

What if I don’t like the design concept?

There is NO obligation! We will do our best to build a design concept according to your specifications and budget. If our design fails to interpreted your vision accurately, we will be happy to modify our design and present you with a new concept. If we still fall short of your expectations, you are under no obligation.

What happens after I approve my design concept?

Once you are pleased with your design and have approve the concept, we will build the site on your domain. Once the site is built, we will meet with you to demo your site. If at this time you want to make additional changes or modifications, we will accommodate you at no extra charge. If you wish to add new functionality at this time, we may require an additional fee depending on the function complexity.

How long does it take to see the design concept?

Most design concepts are completed in 2-3 weeks.

How much will my website cost?

All websites are unique and require different functionality and behavior. We do our best to create professional and affordable websites that fit within our client’s budget. Once we discuss the specifications for your website, we will provide you with a clear and detailed quote. Trust us, we want your business so we’ll do our best to work with your budget. You’ll love our prices. We promise.

When do I pay?

We request a deposit at such time as your domain has been configured on our server and your Coming Soon page has been launched. A 50% of the remaining balance is due upon your approval of our design concept and the balance is due when your site goes live. 

How long does it take for my site to go live?

Most sites go live approximately 1 week after ALL content has been provided to us.

What if I need to make changes or updates after my site goes live?

We will train you! The beauty of WordPress is that it is very user-friendly. We will give you step-by-step instructions on how to add all content – blogs, products, images, etc. You name it. We’ll show you how.

What if I don’t have a domain?

Not a problem. You tell us what name you want and we will see if it’s available and purchase for you. Most domains cost around $12/yr.

Can I get an email address with my domain?

Yes, absolutely. We will create an email account for your domain at no extra charge.

Do you host the site?

Yes, we will host your site for $12/month FREE (limited time offer)!

Can I hire you to modify or make changes for me?

Yes, of course, we’ll be happy to. Our rate is $50/hr.